Piedmontese Beef: A Louis' Chop House Exclusive

Louis' Chop House is proud to be the exclusive carrier of Piedmontese Beef in northern Macomb County. Piedmontese Beef is a double-muscle brand of beef that originates from the Alpine region of northern Italy and is now raised across the United States. The beef is all natural; no steroids or antibiotics. Compliance specifications for the Piedmontese beef program are so strict that if a cow fails to meet even one point (including weight, fat thickness, marbling, etc.) it's taken out of the program. The program is also kosher. Please review the following statistics and we're sure you'll agree that Piedmontese Beef is the answer for the health conscious customer.

Better Than Chicken

per 3.5 oz servingCaloriesCalories
from Fat
Fat (g)
Fat (g)
Better Beef*10416.51.90.631.521.6
(Certified Piedmontese)
Chicken (skinless)11927.723.080.797021.39
Beef (traditional)287212.0423.5610.107017.54
Pork (composite)275202.5022.558.177216.74
Turkey (skinless)11014.221.580.537322.32
Salmon *11631.053.450.565219.94
* Composite average of 10 Better Beef cuts. Source: Warren Analytical Laboratory 1997. Comparison source: USDA Handbook ff8.

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